Friday, February 1, 2008

Stare at your types (until they look away and you can do what you want).

Oh dear.
I was walking around the pound shop earlier this morning. It is perhaps the best place in the world for tat, and who doesn't love tat? The best bit was standing behind a perma-tanned 'yuufs' of about 15, mouthing off about not being able to buy party poppers because the little darlings were under 18.

What were they doing with party poppers? Perhaps they didn't read the word party. Is it even the school holidays? I am just contented that they made the most out of the sale at Elizabeth Duke. Argos and a pound shop, my morning was a welcome break from staring at grammatical errors. I'm not sure which one upsets me more: chavs or the incorrect use of a possessive apostrophe. They do realise that the stereotype (Bovvvvered) is not a positive thing... right?

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