Monday, January 21, 2008


Right... we've fixed the blog. I've put up a new list on the board (next to a rather attractive picture of Jacqui Smith et al) and we're finally away. Just in time for the first day of online journalism.

What we learned today is that people don't read what you write. dsf h sdkfh shdkj f shdfkj skjdf hksf skjf kjsd fhksf ksdjhf kjs fkj skjdhfk ksdjf ksjhf kjs kjfhskj h. If you were scanning, then tune back in around here... and don't forget to hyperlink.

I have a feeling that the rather ubiquitous work load of our 'vocation' is acrimoniously apprehending our private vacation. Oh if I could see Roberta and her red pen now! (BIG WORDS!!!). To the weekend and a numberless, double figured amount of rewrites. Cheers (holding up fake Red Bull and coffee).

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