Monday, January 21, 2008

The kids aren't alright

I have never quite felt as old as I did on Saturday night old, stood next to people half my height and a third of my age waiting for the band to start. What was even worse was the first band were of a similar generation. I didn't know people so young could grow afros.

You know something is not quite right when you're not quite sure whether you should be stood with the parents at the back or with the kids at the front. It's fine, I'm a journalist. I quite legitimately might have been working, watching 13 year olds watched by 13 year olds. 'The Lo-Fi Culture Scene' want to look like the Strokes, want to sound like the Strokes and want to be arrogant little gets. They succeed.

The only chance I had of seeing a gig at a club night before I was 18 was pretending to be older and hiding a young face with ridiculous hair, rather than just popping along at the age of 10 with my parents to swagger around, lemonade in hand pretending I'm it. Getting wolf-whistled by a group of girls just isn't the same when they look like they've just come out of the year 9 school disco, macarena, stolen small bottles of vodka and all.

The world has gone absolutely mad.

Lo-Fi Culture Scene

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